From Bombay Potatoes to Madras Lentils to Basmati Rice to Pad Thai, we have an extensive range of ready-to-eat products. As the fastest-growing Asian food brand in the US, we pride ourselves on catering healthy, delicious, and easy-to-cook food. Since its launch in the US in 1995, the Tasty Bite® brand has stood for great taste, real convenience, and good value. It has brought customers a range of easily accessible culinary experiences that evoke nostalgia in those far from home and delight in those trying a palate-pleasing new cuisine for the first time.

The Tasty Bite® range of ready-to-eat and easy-to-cook, all-natural products cover the gamut of Indian and Asian cuisines and include a vast selection of entrees, ready-to-cook sauces, and organic rice and whole-grain preparations. Today, our products are available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, and the UK.






Tasty Bite® Food Service (TFS) is a partner of choice for leading QSR, Cloud-Kitchen & HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers) brands in the foodservice industry. Our portfolio of technologies enables us to deliver unique and innovative solutions in the sauces, meals & frozen food categories. Every product from Tasty Bite® is designed to address our partners' kitchen challenges. We are the true ‘brand behind the brands' - you tell us your unique processes and challenges, and we tailor our solutions accordingly.

Product Category

Tomato Based Sauces

Gravy, Curry, Paste

Savoury Fillings

Emulsion sauces

Specialty Sauces

Burger Patty

Appetisers/Finger Food



Our Customers

Introducing lip-smacking snacks, packed with the goodness of fresh ingredients, and more flavor than any ordinary snack.

Tasty Bite® is set to give fast food a healthy dimension. Perfectly suited to your palette, these tasty snacks offer a wide variety of grains and vegetables with a myriad of spices from around the world, without using any added preservatives.