Our factory is not much different from your kitchen, except it’s huge. A variety of grains and vegetables are slow-cooked in our industry-grade kettles with plenty of spices from across the globe, ensuring that the food we produce is flavorful and wholesome.

The manufacturing process undertaken at Tasty Bite® guarantees that the food produced has no artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. This allows for high retention of the food’s original aroma, texture, and nutrients.

Spread across 30 acres, the Tasty Bite® facility is located near the city of Pune.


of Manufacturing experience
in Prepared Foods

Vegetarian facility


Good manufacturing practices

Top-notch hygiene

Integrated cleaning &
sanitization approach

Hygienically designed cleaning
equipment by both CIP and COP

Personal hygiene control in &
around the facility

technology AT PLAY

Retort & Pasteurized

Pioneers in Retort technology for commercial sterilization of food products since 1987. Versatile range of retort equipment ranging from a water spray retort to the next-gen rotary ones.


State-of-the-art Processing lines and Spiral IQF Systems for manufacturing delicious frozen food products.

Product categories

Sauces, Gravies, Rice

Curry / Gravy








We are equipped with large scale oven cooking technology to manufacture frozen niche product formats like tikka and steak.


Paneer Tikka


Tofu Tikka

Frozen Formed Products









At Tasty Bite®, we ensure that we use food-safe, food-grade packaging materials to maintain our products’ safety and hygiene standards for the specified shelf life.

We are equipped to use packaging of various forms & sizes, such as pre-formed pouches, formed filled and sealed pouches with single-layer and multi-layer packaging.

PCB Registered Suppliers

Virgin & Food-Grade Plastic

100% Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Seal Integrity Testing

Multi-Layered PACKAGING