Embracing the future of food

We keep our consumers in the driving seat and all our decisions are centered around improving their experience and providing them superior value. Across both our businesses, retail and food service, we have seen major shifts in food choices, channels as well as consumption habits.

Increased Brand Trust

The pandemic has heightened the need for consuming safe food and consumers have gravitated more towards brands that they trust. Brand Trust can no longer be an afterthought for food companies, but needs to be at the top of their agenda right along taste and experience. Trust needs to be built through proactive communication and transparency around safe & healthy food sourcing and handling.

Healthy and Tasty

The trend towards healthy, natural, organic and better-for-you food isn’t slowing down: infact, Covid - 19 increased its acceptance. However, consumers are not ready to compromise on taste! During these testing times, taste has become more important than ever.

Convenience is King

Whether cooking at home, eating in a restaurant or getting a home delivery, consumers are increasingly looking for convenient options given the busy lives they lead. Food choices that offer them convenience without any compromise are most preferred. Increased consumption of ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook products or increased adoption of online food deliveries is a clear indication of preference towards convenience.


Pandemic has increased the adoption as well as acceptance of digitalization in the food value chain. Whether its food ordering or trying out new recipies online or brands reaching out to consumers, or driving back end efficiencies, digitalization is playing a major role in driving consumer centricity as well as operational excellence. These trends will only accelerate, driven by the higher demand for convenience, fierce competition and exponential technology advancement.

The Tasty Bite advantage


Tasty Bite Research Centre (TBRC), our inhouse research for excellence is focused on adapting to industry trends that are primarily influencing the food consumption patterns. TBRC team comprise Chefs & Food Technologists who progressively work towards fulfilling our company’s promise of delivering Great Taste, Good Value and Real Convenience to the consumer.

Accredited as an ‘In - house R&D centre’ by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, TBRC holds a position of pride within Tasty Bite. We pursue a strategy of combining our in-house expertise with global R&D collaborations to develop ‘WOW’ products.

Innovation at core

Building on our core values, we are focused on creating a portfolio that is increasingly organic and necessarily natural. Our holistic approach is focused on product, packaging, ingredient and process innovation. Whether its developing a new SKU or converting a conventional SKU into organic or driving operational efficiency or saving a natural resource like water, we keep innovation at the core of everything we do.

Supply Chain and Logistics

We have a complex supply chain with 400+ raw materials and equal number of packaging material sourced from 750+ suppliers within and outside India. Our constant endeavour is to create a value added and low cost supply chain that will provide assured availability of high quality ingredients and packaging material. Our strength comes from our ability to understand the market dynamics of each of these input materials and make timely strategic decisions on buying them.

Our purchasing strategy ranges from spot purchases, seasonal buying and in case of few commodities, pre-processing these ingredients into intermediate forms that can be easily stored and utilized over the course of the year. This creates ability to manufacture a better and consistent product leading to consumer delight. Our organic journey has also helped create a better impact for the environment while delivering taste and nutrition for our consumers.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is one of our biggest strengths where we create magic. Products that are conceptualised in the R & D center are brought to life in this ‘kitchen’ except that its slightly bigger than our home kitchen. All our products are manufactured with the same amount of care and love, like at home, whilst meeting the most stringent standards of quality and food safety. Our manufacturing facility houses various technologies like Retort, Pasteurzation and Freezing with flexibility in managing pack sizes from 100 gms to 3 kgs. Over the past few years, we have been adapting newer technologies that help us drive efficiencies without losing taste that makes our food so likeable.